Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Train Life

Well today i was going to show you what i have been doing in these past two weeks, but since i haven't updated in a while i will spread it over a few posts. 
So i will start the new wave of posts with a collection of sketches iv done while on the train to Leicester these past few weekends.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Greyscale Knight
I would like to discuss a point within this little segment, as some of my friend groups have been talking about Game of Thrones recently, it happened to bring us onto the topic of why do a lot of games companies focus a little too much on the "lack of armour" of their female characters. There are many examples of bad-ass female characters in GOT armored or clothed and they manage to carry that subtle allure, but this is only a hint compared to their obvious inner strengths. Would this be so difficult to implement into a game? We obviously boiled it all down to the simple fact that sex sells, but in this new era of gaming should company's be relying on that this much to sell their games? Every day i log onto my Facebook account (on my phone) and see ad after ad of fantasy "Anime" games with more bosom than there is monsters/weapons/magic (take your pick) in the game. Now don't get me wrong i love drawing women just about as much as i love drawing robots, but lets say "over generous" artists could easily achieve that effect with a reduction to the extreme proportions and the addition of cleverly designed Armour that actually would protect all that you need to live!