Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Heads up!
I love statues of all forms, more specifically the Roman ones. This quick sketch i have done is one that will be coupled with a study i have done on Photoshop, i have tried to sketch out exactly where the light from my lamp and the counter light from my tv cross throwing shadows over the face. One of the more common techniques i have come to realize that is in most art nowadays, is the double light source effect. One that i am physically trying to study rather than pretend id know exactly where the shadows fall. 

All I Can See Is Thumbnails!
Well i hate not being able to do things, more specifically art things. I quickly realized that my landscapes are lacking some well deserved time and attention from me, so i decided it would be best to spend a couple of hours doing them.

Motorbikes & Warriors
I love drawing mechanical stuff as well as fleshy beings, if i could get that to work hand in hand i think id be drawing that all day long (pretty sure its just a cyborg). Well this is a collection of sketches done all over, from coffee shops to bedrooms.

Drawing With Friends
So over the winter a few people on the Leicester game art course, decided to have a give it a go session for life drawing. This consisted of each of us taking it in turns to be the life model for about 5 mins a turn (just so you know we where fully clothed). Here are the silly people i drew.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

By The Power Of Grayskull Coffee
Well when you have a new comic giant coffee mug and an urge just to draw this is what happens. What happens after all that coffee wears off though felt like id been combined with a sloth.
While together like this it may not look like much, but thats 14 pages i filled up in a couple of hours a record for me, one which i hope to break many times. Strangely the bit i love the most in this piece is the feet in the top right of the image, another thing on my to do list is more of this i think.
Securing The Mentally Insecure
As some of you may remember, i mentioned in my first post that i currently work in security. This above all things is incredibly boring, being stood outside in the snow and rain at 5am really makes you appreciate everything else in your life. To keep my sanity i pass my day drawing when i can and imagining intricate worlds when i can't, here is some of what i have done.

I love to exercise my memory, i tend to stretch it out by drawing stuff from memory and seeing how close to the mark i can get it, hence the Hydra (a Starcraft 2 Zerg unit). I feel like the more i draw creatures/people from reference, the quicker my mental library builds up and the more flexible i become on the fly. 
A Uneventful Journey
So i spend a good bit of time on my weekends traveling to Leicester, time which i use when not crammed up against the walls drawing. Here are a few sketches that i managed to get done while trying to avoid people trying to peep at my workings out! 

The fish eye effect i was trying to implement here was one of the most difficult things I've done with a pencil. Just having to use my eyes to deliberately see, the distortion we tune out every day with our minds had quite a peculiar effect on me for the rest of that day.
The otherwise bodily challenged
I recently bought Evolution in action ( if you want to look into it. It's basically a book full of photos taken of skeletons for animals all over the world. I have abit of an obsession with skeletons well mainly animal ones and i love to combine them to make monsters that could possibly exist, so here is a few examples of what i do after i study the book.

i particularly love the last one as i fell that the spine and general feel of the creature has more grace and is of greater intrest to the eye than the others. I aim to expand my knowledge of animal skeletons, as i feel stuff that comes straight to mind when i draw now is quite limited.

Urban Sketchers

The end is nigh!
Well not really, im just moving on from one phase of my life into the next. Basically for the past year i have been moonlighting as a security guard/artist drawing at work when noting is happening. Sometimes i feel like a lame artsy Batman. Right onto the main event, im going to post up some sketchbook work from the end of last year to now. This is spur of the moment work that and i dont think into this stuff to much and just let my hand go free.

These pieces of work are actually from a summer ago but i love the experiences i had while working on these (mainly asking out my gf). This was done with as part of a urban sketchers group that was brought together by one of my uni lecturers. I really need to learn to draw faster as for a few hours work i didnt have to much to show, now that the weather is better you will see more of this work from me.