Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Urban Sketchers

The end is nigh!
Well not really, im just moving on from one phase of my life into the next. Basically for the past year i have been moonlighting as a security guard/artist drawing at work when noting is happening. Sometimes i feel like a lame artsy Batman. Right onto the main event, im going to post up some sketchbook work from the end of last year to now. This is spur of the moment work that and i dont think into this stuff to much and just let my hand go free.

These pieces of work are actually from a summer ago but i love the experiences i had while working on these (mainly asking out my gf). This was done with as part of a urban sketchers group that was brought together by one of my uni lecturers. I really need to learn to draw faster as for a few hours work i didnt have to much to show, now that the weather is better you will see more of this work from me.

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